The Sarees/Sari is an unstitched length of cloth measuring 42 – 49″ wide and 5.5 to 9 yards in length. Ornamental borders and a matching end piece, called the pallu or anchal surround the field of the sari, which can also be either richly ornamented or plain.

The Graceful and Stylish Sarees is a doorway to a profound understanding about drape, about the geometry of your body as it interfaces with cloth. Wearing a sari changes the way you feel about your body and clothes, and about your idea of clothing in general.

It can have a sophisticated embroidery with silk threads or even silver and gold threads. Sarees can be plain or fancy, made of cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette or embroidered brocade fabric. Plain sarees made of lighter-weight fabric are worn during the day, and sarees of heavier, embroidered fabric are worn in the evening.There are saris to match your mood and in every occasion.

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