Salwar Kameez in India are the most worn of women which fashionable and wanted to look sophisticated. It will be so tiring to choose or shop now a days because there are lot of latest styles and number of shops that compete to each other.

For so many years of experience Pinnacle Textiles/ Pinnacle Ethnic Wear thought something different since it started its online shop. You can browse each of the selection,various styles and design of Salwar Kameez in India. It will be helpful for potential customer for easy way of purchasing the items. Each of catalog shows the vivid images,details of every items according to the style,color,fabric and number of items for every catalog.


Some of the customers asking for single item but we can’t able to give them the details of single piece because pinnacle textile deal only for wholesale retail. Our expertise is to provide the retail merchant to supply goods  for a salwar kameez not only that we also supply other types of women garments in whole India and across the world.

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