Cotton Fabric Printed Readymade Kurtis is very cozy to wear and most of the female like for daily routine specially during the hot season or during summer. Its preferable to wear at hot weather because of fabric used.

Readymade kurtis the main fabric was cotton, why it is comfortable because cotton fabric is:

– Cotton allows better air circulation, which helps in absorbing and removing body moisture caused by sweat. It therefore minimizes fungal breeding by
keeping your body dry and cool.
– Cotton is light in weight and in colour unless it is dyed. Being light-coloured will help the light to pass through instead of being absorbed and hence we will not feel the heat as much. If you wear loose clothes instead of tight fitting clothes, there will be ample of space for the air to pass through.
– Cotton helps in bringing down the severity of any allergic reaction and is perfect for those who have sensitive skin.

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