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When we talk about textile market in India Surat is known to be the producer  or a textile  city.

So in order to come up in  the market as wholesale  supplier Pinnacle Textile/ Ethnic Wear  has all the collection of Salwar Kameez  made from Surat. We are now one of the  Salwar Kameez Supplier In Surat.

We have a lot  collection of  all types of women garment  specially Salwar Kameez. Pinnacle Textile/Ethnic Wear  have a good reputation supplied the best style for Salwar Kameez and make all our customer very satisfied with all the products we have delivered to them.

Don’t hesitate to contact Pinnacle Textile/ Ethnic Wear for wholesale supplier when it comes to latest fashion of Salwar Kameez Supplier in Surat.

For your query you can email at: pinnacleethnicwear@gmail.com

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