Anarkali suits are very popular with women in India.

Anarkali Suits actually are an Indian version of Gowns. Well, that’s what people say. The real Anarkali Suits that are said to be worn by the famous Anarkali were heavily embroidered with a number of plates but the modern version of such suits look almost like a gown (sometimes)

When it comes to Indian dressing style, Suits and Sarees are the most common options for women. Sarees, though they look gorgeous but each one of us who has ever worn a Saree know how difficult it is to carry a Saree. You have to be very careful about the pleates. Moreover, you need to learn how to drape the Saree whereas Anarkali Suits are much easier to wear



dresses such as Anarkali Suits have been associated with royal families since ages and maybe that’s why women take a lot of pride in wearing Anarkalis. Not only they prefer to wear such suits in parties, weddings etc. but also are preferring such suits for daily wear

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