It is now unknown that if given an option, women prefer wearing salwar kameez more often than they would prefer wearing a saree. This is because salwar kameez looks very elegant, is easy to manage, and is extremely comfortable.The complex and detailed designing like embroidery and other work looks very glamorous and attractive. Apart from the embroidery, other additional work that designers perform includes sequins and mirror work, zari work, patch work, cut work, thread work, lace work, gold work, and lately, raised embroidery work. Designs made using these works looks very festive and traditional, and are highly in demand and are gaining popularity not just in India, but also in other places across the globe.


When choosing a type of salwar kameez, you should always keep a reflection of your attitude and personality in mind. Apart from them, your preferences and body structure should also be considered, since certain designs may make you appear taller or shorter than natural, or slimmer or healthier than natural. So you must take care to think before selecting any designed salwar kamez.

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